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The Author:    


Dr. Diane Shubinsky  has accumulated extensive experience in teaching reading comprehension and EFL to a diverse array of audiences. She has worked with a wide variety of organizations such as the High School system, and the British Council. In addition she spent many years teaching in the Pre-Academic unit at Haifa University and Oranim Teachers’ Training College. She has acquired a first hand understanding of the various needs, requirements and challenges faced by students as they attempt to navigate the difficult terrain of academic reading comprehension. Dr. Shubinsky has also written several reading comprehension books at various levels.


The Feedback:

Both books in the series An Advanced Academic Reader  are being used in colleges regularly. In the first years the responses of experienced teachers helped improve the books. The books now fulfil most of the needs of both the teachers and the students.

Services Offered:

 We will be happy to hear from any teacher who uses either book of An Advanced Academic Reader and we are always available on line to give personal assistance. You can phone or email us with comments, problems or requests.

The Editors:


Dr. Jaqueline Haimov is an expert in the field of reading comprehension. Her Ph.D. dissertation dealt with “Testing Reading Comprehension: The Discrepancy between Students’ Perception of Difficulty and Objective Factors.” Dr. Haimov’s expertise is not merely theoretical; she has been teaching reading comprehension for many years at various institutes such as, The Open University, the Foreign Language Department at Haifa University and Oranim Teachers’ Training College. Moreover, she did workshops with reading comprehension experts William Grabe and Patricia Carrell.Dr. Judith Yoel  specializes in socio-linguistics. The subject of her dissertation was sign language and in this scholarly work she examines Canada’s Maritime Signed Language. As a teacher with many years of experience she brought both her knowledge of language acquisition and student needs to the editing process.



Dr. Geoffrey Wilkins is a retired physician with a keen eye for any form of linguistic or stylisitic inconsistency. Dr. Wilkins’ pedantry has been invaluable and helped ensure the final version is a polished product.

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