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Book 1: The Theory of the Skill

Each skill is divided into different points.


Referents can be:

  • Point A:  one word coming after a word/phrase
  • Point B:  a reference that comes before the word it replaces
  • Point C:  a reference that replaces part of a sentence, a whole sentence or an idea
  • Point D:  ellipses

Each of these points is then clearly explained via the examples given.

Point A. One word coming after a word/phrase

Example: Last year I was in the Far East for four months. While there I learned to catch fish and eat them raw.                                                                                                                   

Referent: “there” = in the Far East

Explanation: Where is there? Answer: in the Far East

Check by using the “substitution” test. You substitute the words you have chosen with the referent and check that the sentence (a) still makes sense (b) has not changed in meaning.

Substitution Test: While in the Far East I learned …

  • Note: A referent can refer to a person, place or time.

Point B ...

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