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About Book 1: Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs are a basic part of the English language. A phrasal verb that appeared in the text is taken. For example, "

"he encouraged everyone to go out and get drunk …” (para 3).

Definitions and examples of other phrasal verbs -- based on the same verb -- are then given and an exercise follows.


Phrasal Verb – go +

Note: go is an irregular verb. It is formed in the following way: go – went – gone



go out

(1) take part in social activities

He “encouraged everyone to go out and get drunk …”(para 3).

(2 stop a fire burning

The fire went out naturally and so they didn’t need to  call the fire brigade.

go away = leave

He shouted at the children in the hope that they would go away.



Phrasal Verb Exercise

Circle the correct phrasal verb to complete the sentence.

  1. Since the price of computers has  ____ I think I will buy myself a new one.

 a. gone out                         b. gone back                       c. gone down                      d. gone off


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