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About Book 1: Definitions

The better one's vocabulary -- the easier it is to read. Advanced Reading Comprehension involves learning new words. The more times the reader sees the words the more likely s/he is to remember them.

Here the meaning of the word is given as opposed to the word itself.

Finding the words to match the definitions is another way of encountering the new words that were presented earlier in the vocabulary lists, and the quick glossary.

 It also gives the learner the chance to see how many of these words s/he remembers when they are given in a slightly different way .

Find the words in the text that match the definitions below. -- The parts of speech – noun (n) adjective (adj) verb (v) adverb (adv) have been given as a hint. Example:

  1. not often (adv) =
  2. be present or occur at the same time (v) =
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