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About Book 1: Skimming & Questions

Skimming is a crucial skill. It gives the main ideas of the text and enables students to find information easily later on.

While there are many different ways of skimming, most of the units in An Advanced Academic Reader give:

Title; Subtitle; Entire first paragraph; First sentence of every paragraph; Entire final paragraph

There are  questions opposite thte skimmed text to make sure the reader understands the significance of what they have read.


When a Frog is Not a Frog

Paragraph 1: It is not every day that an eleven-year-old leaves me speechless, but that is exactly what Julia Rettig managed to do one warm, sunny day in summer 2000. Julia was a camper at a media literacy education and production day camp. The curriculum of the camp was designed to create media-literate kids, by exposing the inner workings of mass media and how they are used by corporations to target kids.

Paragraph 2:  During a lesson about advertising the children were instructed each to create a list of places they could go if they did not want to see advertising.

Paragraph 3: …

Skimming Questions

1.  Highlight what sort of camp Julia is in.

2.  Who or what does “they” (line 7) refer to ____________________

3. What is on Julia’s curriculum?



4.  Paragraph two talks of advertising. Which part of Julia’s curriculum (para 1) would this subject relate to?



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