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About Book 2: Irregular Verbs


These are verbs that do not follow a regular pattern. In the past tense they do NOT end with --ed.

However,  there are certain patterns that many irregular verbs follow.

The irregular verbs below that appeared int he text have been divided into 3 different groups.

                                                                                   Group 1

In all the verbs below: stand – make – think – tell

the past simple and the past participle are formed in the same way.

Present Simple

Past Simple

Past Participle


“There are other examples, two of which stand out” (para 2).

There were other examples which stood out.

Another example which has stood out as changing our world is the invention of the car.


“It makes considerable evolutionary sense …” (para 3).

That design made considerable sense. 

That garment was made by a very talented designer. 


“People get aggressive about things …that they think will happen …” (para 14).

She thought he was going to hit her.

It was generally thought that he would win the election.

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