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About Book 1: Close Reading Questions

The close reading questions take several different forms.

Multiple Choice; Open Ended; True / False; Charts; Tables; Reference; etc.

Every unit ends on a questions on the Main Idea of the text. This question is to check if the reader has understood the essence of the text.

  1. The main idea of the paragraph is that
    1. human beings have developed somewhat.
    2. human beings have neither developed nor declined.
    3. many people believe that we have in fact deteriorated.
    4. society only seems less violent nowadays.

 2. Give examples that support the main idea. 



















3. What does “there” (line 7: “And what do we see there?”) refer to? ________________

4. Answer True or False. Justify the statement below according to the text.

According to paragraph 3 the children believed they had found a location that had no connection to advertising.  

True / False

Justify: ________________________________________________________________________

5. According to paragraph 6 who should be taking action to ensure profits are not given priority over the well-being of children?



The main idea of the article is:

  1. The media is powerful and has an effect on society.
  2. It is important to teach children to be media literate.
  3. Advertisers attempt to persuade parents to buy more.
  4. Media literacy camps fulfill an important function
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