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About Book 1: Exam Taking Techniques


In this unit a short text of 3 paragraphs is given and then there are 9 different types of questions to answer.

The answers to these questions are then used as the basis of the explanations below.

The questions are divided into 6 groups, according to their format. Each group is dealt with in detail (see below)

1. Reference

2. Multiple Choice

3. True / False + Justify

4. Open-ended / Complete the sentence

5. Complete the chart (These will probably be cause and effect or contrast charts).

6. Table (Scanning should be employed here).

Remember: Different types of questions require slightly different tactics.

Reference Questions:

Example: (Question 4)

What does “this” (para 1, line 7  “Yet since this…”) refer to?

Remember: “this” is singular so “this” cannot refer to anything plural like “strong tides”

Substitution test: If you replace “this” with  “the journey” the sentence will read:

Yet since the journey was the only way of transporting people …              X   wrong 


This is wrong because a journey cannot transport people.

What can transport people? — a ferry

If we replace “this” with “the ferry” the sentence will read:

Yet since the ferry was the only way of transporting people …            √      correct

Multiple Choice Questions:

When you read the questions you immediately cross out those choices that are wrong. Normally you are left with two choices. One is the correct answer and one is the distracter. (A distracter is an …




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