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About Book 2: Skimming and Questions

Skimming is a crucial skill. It gives the main ideas of the text and enables students to find information easily later on.

Here you are given: title, entire first paragraph, first sentence of every paragraph, entire final paragraph,

The questions are opposite.


The Tyranny of Choice (Title)

Logic suggests that having options allows people to select precisely what makes them happiest. But as studies show, abundant choice often makes for misery. (subtitle)

Paragraph 1: Americans today choose among more options in more parts of life than has ever been possible before. To an extent, the opportunity to choose enhances our lives. It is only logical to think that if some choice is good, more is better; people who care about having infinite options will benefit from them, and those who do not can always just ignore the 273 versions of cereal they have never tried. Yet recent research strongly suggests that, psychologically, this assumption is wrong. Although some choice is undoubtedly better than none, more is not always better than less.

Paragraph 2: This evidence is consistent with large-scale social trends.

Paragraph 3: ... 

skimming questions

1. Highlight what “this assumption" (para 1) refers to.

2. The main idea of para 1 is

  1. the opportunity to choose enhances our lives.
  2. people benefit psychologically from having infinite options.
  3. the opportunity to choose appears to enhance our lives.

3. "This evidence..."(para 2) refers to

  1. the more choice we have the better it is.
  2. infinite options are not really good for us.



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