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About Book 2: Close Reading Questions

The close reading questions take several different forms.

Multiple Choice; Open Ended; True / False; Charts; Tables; Reference; etc.

Every unit ends on a questions on the Main Idea of the text. This question is to check if the reader has understood the essence of the text.

Close Reading Questions

  1. We can infer that there is a widely held belief that people with limited opportunities are not happy.     True / False

Justify:   _______________________________________________________­_______________

  1. “273 versions of cereal” (paragraph 1) is an example of what idea?


  1. What is being contrasted in paragraph 1?


too much choice can be too much



  1. some choice is beneficial
  2. choosing enhances our lives
  3. the less choice the better
  4. people want infinite choices

hint: look

for the contrast word(s)


  1. Fill in the cause and effect chart below according to paragraph 2









reduction in personal happiness


The main idea of the article is:

  1. The more Americans have the less satisfied they are with their number of choices.
  2. The result of new acquisitions can cause depression in both maximizers and satisficers.
  3. When people adapt to things they often feel the "cost" was greater than the pleasure.
  4. Overwhelming options are causing many people to suffer some measure of unhappiness.



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