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About Book 2: Summary Completion

Summary Completion

Aim: A summary completion is important since it is one of the most effective ways of checking if you understood the text.

Instructions: Complete the passage below with one of the words/phrases in the box which are in alphabetical order.

Do NOT use a word/phrase more than once.

There are more words/phrases than are needed.

Hint: Before you fill in any of the words/phrases read the whole passage. 

always the possibility of something better

less regret there will be

be overwhelmed

more is better

define a sharp cut off point

never settle for second best


one reason for an aversion to losses

fear of falling behind

opportunity costs

how long they will feel good

put a dollar value on subscriptions

increased choice


 The author Barry Schwartz explains how recent research has revealed that the belief that (1)_______________________

 is a fallacy. Myers and Lane have shown that with (2)____________________________________ there has been a

 decrease in well-being over the last 30 years.    …

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