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About Book 2: Multiple Meanings

English is an amazing language. While two words can easily be mistaken for one another – one word can have several meanings. A various meanings of a word from the text is given and students have to identify which is the correct context for particular definitions.


Score (n) has multiple meanings as can be seen in the examples below from the text.

Paragraph 5: " ...but in general, we think of individuals whose average scores are higher than 4 (the scale's midpoint) as maximizers and those whose scores are lower than the midpoint as satisficers."

Instructions: Match the definition in column A to the correct sentence in column B

Column A

Column B


A large number


This score for this movie was very original and helped to make it a success.


A piece of written music with the parts for the different instruments or voices


He's going to come into work instead of you this Saturday so there's no worry on that score.






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