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About Book 2: Practice Exam

The practice exam takes a text with a similar subject (and hence similar vocabulary) to one of the texts in the book.

The aim here is for the students to practice an exam as they would under exam circumstances which means no quick glossary and no vocabulary exercises. The text is followed by close questions of the sort that were presented in all the units and a summary completion.

Each question is allocated points and so the student can see how well they would have done in an exam.

Too Many Products: Can the Consumer Keep Up?

Adapted and abridged with the kind permission of the author Marcia Mogelonsky

 1. “Why can’t I buy just plain hand lotion anymore? Everything is new and improved, with more and more features I don’t want,” says Jill Horwich, a legal assistant in Chicago. “I can’t stand going to the supermarket,” she says. “There are so many new products. I can never find what I want. In the end, I just buy the basics – store-brand olive oil or corn flakes – because I don’t have the time to sort through all the new products to see if they’re what I’m looking for.”

 2.  It is no wonder some consumers view a food shopping trip with trepidation. While the grocery stores of the 1950s stocked about 3,000 items, the supermarket of the 1990s can easily display ten times that number. But for every shopper who feels bewildered by product choices, there is another who actually …

 Close Reading Questions

1.  Circle one correct answer.                                                                                                        (4 points)

Jill Horwich’s problem in a supermarket exemplifies the idea that

  1. there are far too few basic products.
  2. people need more time to examine new products.
  3. manufacturers are giving people too much choice.
  4. people are happy with improvements.

 2.  Circle True or False. Justify the statement below according to the text.                      (3 points)

The majority of shoppers are in a state of confusion.                                                       True / False

Justify: ___________________________________________________________________

3.  Give the 2 reasons for the drop in new food products.                                      (2 X 3 = 6 points)

  1. _____________________________________________________________________
  1. _____________________________________________________________________
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